Why Mark Zuckerberg doesn´t like #PINTEREST the last tredding social network by #digitaltimes

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest – that’s all you hear these days. The latest successful social network is gaining millions of admirers worldwide, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
While Zuck may like how Pinterest works he is probably also a bit concerned about its growing popularity.
Zuckerberg is a student of people, he always has been – and Facebook is his experiment into human psychology and sociology. Facebook was not started to be a company, Zuckerberg has said this, it was started to see how people behave in an online social setting. As its founder, Zuckerberg has learned a lot. He is a foremost expert on why people behave as they do online – and this is why he may be more than a little bit concerned by Pinterest.


Taste & style 
Facebook is a social network used by people to display edited, yet highly personal details of their lives to a large group of people, many of whom are anonymous ‘friends’.
Pinterest, on the other hand, is a social network where people share their taste and sense of style with other people who have the same sort of taste and style. It’s more grown up and it’s largely populated by females.
As Zuckerberg, a keen student of human behaviour, analyses the rise of Pinterest two distinct alarm bells will start ringing in his ears. Firstly, people grow up. Secondly, females are Facebook’s most valuable users.

Growing pains 
When people grow up, they become more private and what they show to people becomes less about their ‘personality’ and more about their ‘taste’. Pinterest offers millions of women, all over the globe, an easy solution to the ‘where do I go after Facebook’ conundrum.
Zuckerberg knows that Pinterest is a viable threat to his network and has the potential to become a huge advertising platform. That’s why he recently ‘Liked’ a Facebook app called Friendsheet.
Essentially, Friendsheet displays your public Facebook photos in small panels, just like Pinterest shows people’s pics. Friendsheet, for want of a better term is a Pinterest clone for Facebook users. The fact that Zuckerberg ‘Liked’ the app in front of his 12 million followers is significant. It shows he’s concerned about people migrating from Facebook to Pinterest as they mature, and he is publicly stating there’s a Facebook option.

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